# Updates

# 2009-04-04 - OS X: Speeding up Mail.app

Mail.app uses an sqlite3 database. The database can be optimized using the vacuum command. This yields significant performance increase, especially with large mailboxes. To do this, close Mail.app and issue the following command through a terminal:

echo "vacuum subjects;"|sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index

# 2008-12-26 - A fresh start

Re-wrote this site to be more modular, more manageable and conceptually simpler. WordPress is a great CMS, but for a single-person managed site (as opposed to an entire community with multiple authors) it is overkill.

# 2008-10-27 - Restarting remote desktop VNC server on OS X

Remote desktop's VNC interface on OS X is fairly crash-prone: the symptoms of this crash is the VNC session ceases to be responsive. Only way to fix it seems to be to restart it by issuing the following command as root:

Resources/kickstart -restart -agent -vnclegacy on

Other than writing some sort of supervisor daemon to do this automatically (check if VNC is responsive, if not, issue the restart command), is anyone aware of a way to remedy this?